About Us

Arifa's Story

Since 2004, Arifa Azad has been turning her passion for style and garments into a entrepreneurial success story. From the basement to her now two unit location in Payal Business Centre, Arifa has built her company from the ground up. 
From classic anarkali styles to the newest plazo suit fashion, Bombay Collection has an unforgettable collection for every size and every woman. Bombay Collection made a name for itself in the early 2000s when it was the first store to customize matching hijabs for Muslim sisters. Arifa revolutionized what it meant to have confidence and let your style speak for you as a Muslim woman. 
Bombay Collection now caters to the latest South Asian fashion for women and girls. Arifa's hand-picked selection ensures that her customers look their best for every milestone occasion in their lives.
Arifa was born in Fiji, where her mother owned and operated a women's clothing store called Female Fashions. Arifa immigrated to Canada in her late teens and followed in her mother's entrepreneurial footsteps. Not to mention, her daughter Ateefa Azad has created a sister bridal boutique, Bombay Couture to add to the Bombay Dynasty. 
Her customers are loyal and proud to support a local Fijian business woman who's created the Bombay Collection Legacy through hard work and dedication.